You have questions, We have answers.

How long is each hike?

Each trip length is 100% customizable by you! Day Hikes are typically 4 - 10 miles, but can be as long as 18 miles round trip. Overnight Hikes can be 10 - 30 miles. Elevation change is important to consider too! Most hikes range from 1000 ft-3000 ft, but summiting a peak may be as much as 4500 ft of elevation gain!

Will you provide gear?

Check out "What to Bring" for an idea of what isn't provided for most trips.

Yup! You even get to pick out what gear you want to use! Check out the gear list here. If you have your own gear, you get a discount!

Will you provide food?

You betcha! Our meal planning and philosophy on food is linked here. Many dietary restrictions can be met too. Veggie, Vegan, Gluten-Free, you name it.

Will we see wildlife?

Wildlife is often seen on hikes, but you never know what you will or won't run into on the trail. Grizzlies, deer, elk, moose, wolves, mountain lions, squirrels, pika, sloats, and other rodents are all possible!

Will you transport us to the trailhead?

At this time, transportation is not provided. Montana is a big state. We highly recommend renting a car to give yourself freedom and explore the other cool places we'll tell you about.

Will I learn anything from hiking with you?

Our goal is to educate any client on how to confidently and carefully navigate backcountry wilderness. We'll teach you the ins and outs of backpacking, share our hiking expertise, and answer any questions you have. We'll also teach guests about the local ecology and geological facts about the area.

Can you take me fishing?

Yes and no. We can guide you on your way to untouched mountain lakes chock full of fish, but we cannot offer advice, nor will we rent fishing gear. We can certainly cater trips to allow you to have plenty of time to fish.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes of course! Wilderness First Aid Certified, Leave No Trace Certified, Wilderness Food-Prep Certified, and insured by K&K Insurance. Read more about this here.

What payment methods do you currently accept?

Paypal, Venmo,  Check, Cash, Bitcoin, and Ethereum!

What is the booking, cancellation and refund policy?

Backpacking Trips must be booked at least 14 days in advance. Cancellations are 100% refunded up to 14 days in advance. 75% up to 7 days in advance. 50% up to24  hours in advance and within 24 hrs of the trip, no refund.

Day Hiking Trips can be booked up to 12 hours in advance. All Cancellations within 24 hours of Day Hiking Trips are non-refundable.