The Trails

Hike some of the best kept secrets of Montana!
We keep our spots secret to maintain the solitude!

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Easy Hike up a Mountain Canyon to a Scenic Lake

10 mi round trip, 1100 ft elevation gain

Hike Difficulty: Easy/Moderate

An easy, yet incredibly beautiful trek up a mountain canyon with topographic relief of over 3500 ft. Hike alongside a creek, amongst dozens of different kinds of wildflowers in an alpine forest filled with all sorts of critters.

Adventurous Hike to a Cirque Lake

9 mi round trip, 2000 ft of elevation gain

Hike difficulty: Moderate

This out-and-back hike starts with stunningly beautiful views over a massive lower lake and the adjacent mountain valley. On this adventurous hike, you'll navigate many fallen trees and be required to cross streams that obscure the trail. You'll be glad you had a guide for this one!

The trail's destination is a high elevation lake surrounded by a 2,500 ft mountain cirque.

Day Hike: Hit the trail in the morning, paddle around the lake in the afternoon, and return by evening.

Overnighter: Spend a night or two in a secluded lakeside campsite. Paddle around one of the most incredible lakes in the Bitterroot!

Multinight Trip to a Massive Backcountry Lake

20 mi, 2500 ft elevation gain

Hike Difficulty: Moderate/Hard

This trek is for the adventurous and the ambitious. Spend one or multiple nights out and get the most out of the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness.

The destination is a massive backcountry lake surrounded by high elevation peaks.

This trip can only be done as an over-night because of its length. Minimum 1 night.

One Night:9.8 miles in and out.

Two Night: Same length, but spend a day/night relaxing at the lake. Optional day hike to a mountain pass or higher elevation lake.

Three Night: 5 mile days. One night at the lake. Less physical impact each day.

Ridgeline Hike to a High Elevation Lake and Nearby Peak

10.0 mi, 2900 ft elevation gain

Hike Difficulty: Moderate/Hard

This strenuous hike takes you along a scenic mountain ridge as you make your way to a high elevation mountain lake. The views of the surrounding valleys and canyon are magnificent.

This trail's destination is a high elevation lake. There are more higher elevation lakes, and higher mountain ridges/peaks you can scramble to.

This hike is recommended as an overnight hike, but can be done as a day hike.

Two Night: On the 2nd day, scramble up higher elevation lakes and nearby ridges/peak for panoramic views of the surrounding area.

Challenging Hike to a Bitterroot High Peak

8.2 mi, 4800 ft elevation gain

Hike Difficulty: Hard

Do you want to climb a mountain? Do you want to feel like your lungs are about to burst? Well then this hike is for you! Climb up a mountain ridge to summit a major peak in the Bitterroots!

This hike can be done as a day hike or over-night, but it requires that you carry more water than the other hikes. This trek can be altered to go 1/2 way up the mountain.

Introduction to Backpacking

Usually Easier Hikes
4 - 10 mi, less than 1000 ft elevation gain

Learn the ins and outs of backpacking through our Introduction to Backpacking trips! We'll teach you everything you'll need to know like how to pack, what to wear, how to eat, and how to find a campsite!