Bitterroot Outdoor Adventure Retreat with Rootless Adventure Co. Trip Preview

Trip Overview

- Backpack and camp 2 nights in the backcountry at beautiful Little Rock Creek Lake in the Bitterroot Mountains.
- Stay 4 nights at "The Camp at Gash Creek" or "The Bitterroot Guest House" with full amenities.
- Guided yoga and meditation sessions by Megan Fine.
- Alpine Lake Packrafting on some of the most beautiful lakes you'll ever see in your life.
- Horseback Riding in the historic Lolo National Forest with Hidalgo trail rides.
- ATV Riding with Bitterroot Adventures.
- Stargaze at the Milky Way under some of the darkest nighttime skies in the US.
- Macrame Workshop with Mariah's Macrame
- Tintype Photography with Northland Studio
Activity Level:
Moderate/Challenging 3/4
- Accommodations
- Ground Transportation
- Activity Costs
- Backpacking Meals and Snacks
- Multiple Dinners and Breakfasts near Hamilton
Group Size:
5 - 9 people

Day 1 - July 5th
Arrival, Greetings, Welcome Dinner

Hiking Optional if Arriving Early!

Fly into Missoula Airport, Transportation to Gash Creek Camp and Little Smith Creek Ranch.
Food and drink provided by Bitterroot Backpacking. Cowboy campfire with popcorn and smores to cap the night.

Day 2 - July 6th
Horseback Riding with Hidalgo Trail Rides

2 Hr Trail Ride + 2 hr Day Hike (5 mi, 600 ft gain)

AM guided meditation with Megan at the Gash Creek Camp.
Horseback riding with Hidalgo Trail Rides!!!
Shortish afternoon hike up in the Lolo area. Dinner at Mission Bistro.

Day 3 - July 7th
ATV Trail Ride with Bitterroot Adventures + Macrame Workshop with Mariah's Macrame

3 Hr ATV Ride + 3 Hr Workshop


Head out for an incredibly scenic ATV trail ride with Bitterroot Adventures!
Return to the Gash Creek Camp for relaxing afternoon and a relaxing macrame workshop provided by Mariah’s Macrame.

Day 4 - July 8th
Backpacking to Little Rock Creek Lake

4.5 mi, 1500 ft elevation loss, 700 ft elevation gain

Pack up and leave camp by 10 am for a challenging, yet scenic off-trail hike to the upper lakes. WARNING: Off-trail hiking can be difficult with uneven and steep terrain. We will be literally ‘bushwhacking’ for short periods of time.
Set up camp by 2 pm and relax for the rest of the day. Float and camp at the lake of your choice. Eat delish backpacking food. Have a warm campfire.

Day 5 - July 9th
Packrafting Little Rock Creek Lake or Upper Lakes

Mileage Optional, 5 mi, off-trail, 1000 ft elevation gain and loss

Spend the day packrafting, lounging by the lake, hiking around the lakes with your guide, eating yummy food, and appreciating the scenery around camp.

Day 6 - July 10th (Optional)
Backpacking Back to the Trailhead, Return to our Stays

4.5 mi, 1500 ft elevation loss, 700 ft elevation gain

Hike back down the way we camp to Little Rock Creek Lake. Take final floats, coffee break, tea break, snack break, and then head down the final 4.5 mi stretch to the trailhead. Don’t forget about the 700 ft of elevation gain at the very end!
Return to the luxurious facilities of the Little Smith Creek Ranch to wash up and prepare for a huge post-hike meal provided by The Wild Mare and by Bitterroot Backpacking

Day 7 - July 11th
Thank You Breakfast and Outros

Check out of rental properties, meet for breakfast at the world-famous Paul's Pancake Parlor in Missoula.
Drop off rentals at airport, say our farewells and head back home! Drop offs in Missoula at location of choice if staying another night.

Photos From Past Trips

Our view on Day 2, after the 3 mi off-trail journey. The unnamed upper lakes are a true sight to behold.

Our cozy campsite by Little Rock Creek Lake. Tent sites are generally spread out from each other, but it depends on the location. We usually have about 50 - 300 ft between tents but can bunch them closer together if needed.

Packrafting on a quiet and still mountain lake at dawn is one of the most beautiful things you will ever experience.

The weather is not always perfect due to the unpredictable nature of weather in the mountains. A forecast of partly cloudy skies could mean anywhere from nearly clear skies to rain/thunderstorms. Despite the weather, we do our best to prepare and keep comfortable!

Another shot of our little campsite with beautiful morning light! There are multiple campsite locations around the lake, all of which are first come first serve.

Alpacka Rafts built the very first modern packrafts in the early 2000s. We carry the Alpacka Scout, a 3.5 lb raft with e designed purpose of floating on alpine lakes.

Take in the full range of colorful alpine flowers! This trail features Scarlet (Indian) Paintbrush, Silver Lupine, Arnica, Penstemon (pictured), Various blooming trees and berries, and plenty of moss and lichen too!

Katja flew all the way from the UK for this trip! She appreciated the ultralight gear options and the lovely sights of the Little Rock Creek Canyon.

Your guide, Luke, (on the right) with a client in Autumn 2022. You can see the yellow pine needles on the Larch trees. They're one of the only Pine trees to turn yellow!

At the end of June, there's still plenty of water streaming down the mountainside from the snowmelt, bringing tons of plants and wildflowers to life. The water is fresh, cold, and crisp!


How much hiking will we do each day?

4 - 7 mi / day! With a few days of no hiking at all!

Do you provide the gear?

Rental gear + cost are included in every trip.

What should I pack?

Check out our packing list here.

Do you provide food or water?

Snacks and Backpacking meals are provided on this trip. Scroll down for more info about meals and snacks.

We also carry Sawyer water filters on every trip. It'll be the freshest, coldest water you've ever had!

Will we see wildlife?

We may see some wildlife, but encounters are not common. With that said, the Bitterroot is home to bears, elk, moose, wolves, mountain lions and pika as well as a plethora of other animals.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, please bring your dog assuming it loves hiking and can handle the planned hiking milage!

Are accommodations included?

Accommodation is included on the 23rd and 27th at the Little Smith Creek Ranch. You can check out our list of recommended accommodations here.

Is transportation included?

Transportation in a trail-modified 4Runner is available as an add-on during the booking process!

Check out our Ultralight Gear.

Some companies don't provide rental gear in trip pricing, but we do!

Our gear is ULTRALIGHT! Your full pack weight will be under 30 lbs!

We carry
the best backpacking meals.

Plan out and the gobble down meals by brands like Gastrognomeals and Wild Zora.

Digital Topo Maps and Virtual Trip Planning 

Included with this trip:

- Access to digital topographical trail map on

- Virtual trip planning meeting one month prior to trip on Google Meet.


First 3 to book get $300 off!!!

50% down at time of booking, remaining 50% down 60 days from the start of the tour


"Being from The Netherlands, Europe, I had to plan a bit further ahead than average. Luke was easy going and had everything set out for me using clear lists of stuff to bring, and where I forgot a thing or 2, he always had an alternative at the ready."

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"Luke was very personable & knowledgeable. He provided thoughtful snacks & a yummy meals. He would give scientific names to the landscapes/ mountains, show the markings on the mountains from glaciers. The FLOATING was amazing, being on a beautiful body of water & surrounded by extreme beauty was amazing. I will definitely hike with Luke again!"

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"I had such an amazing trip with Bitterroot backpacking and would recommend it to anyone! The scenery was gorgeous and truly a hidden paradise. The gear, food, and vibes were all top notch and I learned so much from Luke."

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"If you are looking for an adventure with sights you will never forget then choose Bitterroot Backpacking. Luke is an excellent guide that has all the necessary knowledge and gear you will need. Luke will take you off the beaten path and show you places that are away from the tourist attractions."

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Additional Info

Cancellation Policy

A refundable deposit of 50% of the full amount of the trip is required to secure your spot on this trip. 50% down at time of booking, and the remaining 50% down 60 days from the start of the tour.

If you decide to cancel your trip, the trip is 100% refundable until 59 days before departure. After this, the booking becomes non-refundable.


The weather can be incredibly difficult to predict for a mountainous environment like the one we’ll be visiting on this trip. We’ll plan for temperatures in the 50s - 70s during the day and 30s - 40s at night. This hike will be hosted rain or shine, but in the event of a thunderstorm, we will take shelter using the precautions outlined by Wilderness First Responder training the guide has received. In the very rare case of dangerous thunderstorms for multiple days, trips can be rebooked or a partial refund of up to 50% can be given.


Condition Restraints

This tour is, in part, in remote areas. This adds to the adventure and opportunity to enjoy a true nature experience. However, due to the nature of the terrain, weather, road conditions, and other elements beyond our control, some elements of tours may have to be altered. Times of some activities may need to be changed or even cancelled due to the conditions. If an activity is cancelled it will be replaced with an alternative activity that is more appropriate for the conditions. Advance notice will be given for any changes where possible, although at times changes may be made whilst the tour is in progress.

Wildlife Encounters

On every trip, we love to see wildlife, but it is impossible to guarantee an encounter or sighting. With that said, wildlife is common in the Bitterroot National Forest and it is likely we will see or encounter something. A note on Grizzlies: Grizzly bears are very uncommon in the Bitterroot. The Bitterroot was once their habitat, but settlers and homesteaders drove them out of this area.

Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of Risk and Responsibility

Nature and adventure travel is by character, an activity that requires traveling in areas that are often remote and the terrain difficult. Whilst every precaution is taken to ensure the comfort and safety of guests, these trips inherently have have elements of risk. By taking part in this tour you acknowledge that there are inherent risks and that you are fully aware of the conditions of travel, accommodation and activities offered. You accept that Bitterroot Backpacking, its staff and sub-contractors cannot be held liable for any accident, illness or similar occurrence. You hereby accept all such risk and release the company from all claims and causes of action arising from any injuries or damages resulting from these inherent risks.

Authority on Trail

At all times, Bitterroot Backpacking's guide or its representative will be final authority on all matters likely to endanger the safety, well-being and enjoyment of the tour. Clients must at all times strictly comply with the laws, customs, foreign exchange and drug regulations of all countries visited. Should the client fail to comply with the above or commit any illegal act when on tour or, if in the company’s opinion, the client's behavior causes or is likely to cause danger, distress or annoyance to others we may terminate that client’s tour without any liability on the company’s part.

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