Traveling Safely and Healthily

Hike with Peace of Mind

All Bitterroot Backpacking Guides are certified with the following:

- Wilderness First Responder
- Food Handling
- Leave No Trace

All guides carry:

- GPS Communicator
- Adventure Medical Kid
- Water Filtration
- Bear Spray
- Map + Compass

Preparation is Key

Planning out your Trek:
- Pick a route perfect for your skill level.
- We include backup plans in case of bad weather/wildfire.
- Full Hike Itinerary and Topographical map to your email before the hike.

Pack all of the right clothing to bring with you for the hike!
- Warm Layers for Cold
- Raincoat for Rain/Wind
- Hiking shoes/athletic shoes
- Hat + Sunscreen

Check local weather and smoke forecasts before you go!

Before you hike...

A pre-hike safety review before each trip to ensure participants are ready for any scenario!

An LNT review to ensure sustainable and responsible trail behavior.

All equipment is sanitized between uses.

Guides self-screen for symptoms of illness 24 hrs before booking.

During the hike...

We encourage you to push yourself out of your comfort zone, but don't want to make your vacation a negative experience. 

Lots of breaks during the hike to rehydrate and fuel up with snacks.

Whistles and Bear Spray for every participant in case of emergency.

Garmin GPS Communicator with emergency helicopter evacuation in the worst case-scenario.

Covid Safety

Bitterroot Backpacking follows local CDC Covid guidelines and health regulations.

All guides are vaccinated with up-to-date boosters!

All guides are required to self-screen for Covid symptoms before any trip. Trips can be cancelled for a full refund if a guide has Covid.


All gear is sanitized between uses.

Sleep systems are washed and disinfected between uses.