The Balsamroot Superbloom
Trip Preview

Spend 3 days frolicking through the vast wildflower super blooms that veil Western Montana's hillsides each spring!

There's plenty of hiking on this trip, and the rewards are well worth the effort! Day hikes are 5 mi on average. One of those days, we hike to and then relaxing on an alpine lake in a packraft. We'll be floating in complete solitude on a serene backcountry lake surrounded by incredible scenery!

Trip Itinerary

Trip Activities:
- Three Incredible hikes through wildflower superblooms such as Arrowleaf Balsamroot, Scarlet Paintbrush, and Silver Lupine
- One of a Kind Alpine Packraft Floating on a remote backcountry lake.
- Cowboy Karaoke in Missoula to round it all off!
Trip Activity Level: Moderate / Mild 3/5
- Guiding Services
- Gear Rental
- Hiking Snacks
Group Size: 5 - 10 people

Day 1 - May 24th
Balsamroot Superbloom
Sunset Hike

Hike Info: 4 mi, 700 ft elevation gain

Superbloom Sunset Hike - University Mountain
Embark on an incredible journey through the Arrowleaf Balsamroot that Surround Missoula each spring.
Stave and Hoop - Food and Drink Included

Day 2 - May 25th
Relaxing Alpine Lake Packraft Float and Hike  

Hike Info: 8 mi, 1000 ft elevation gain

Clark Fork Farmer's Market at Cara's Park.
Hike Fred Burr, Alpine Lake Float 12 - 6 pm.
Pizza from Biga Pizza 

Day 3 - May 26th
Bear Creek Overlook Day Hike

Hike Info: 4 mi, 1000 ft elevation gain


Short Day Hike to Bear Creek Overlook, 10 am - 1 pm.
Meet for Cowboy Karaoke at the Sunrise Saloon at 9 pm!

Photos From Past Trips

Akram wrote a raving 5 star review about the float on air bnb.

Hikers taking in all of that Balsamroot-y goodness.

Plentiful blooms of Arrowleaf Balsamroot flowers. Balsamroot only bloom for a period of about 2 weeks.

Fred Burr Reservoir is an incredible location to float! Nobody around for miles! And just look at those peaks!

Silver Lupine is abundant!

Oxeye Daisy and Clover compliment eachother well.

Wild Rose!

Rootin Tootin Shootin Stars.

Glacier Lilies

Cowboy Karaoke. Be there or be square!

Very foggy up at Bear Creek Overlook the last time we were up there!

The hazy clouds give you a mystical and intriguing perspective of the mountains.

Bear Creek Overlook Video Preview

This is a great video of the Bear Creek Overlook Hike!
*Please note: this video is not produced or associated with Bitterroot Backpacking, we are just sharing a video of the hike from another creator.


How much hiking will we do each day?

About 5 mi / day.

Do you provide the gear?

The cost of rental gear cost is included in every trip! Bear spray too!

Do you provide any food or water on hikes?

Snacks are provided on every trip. Click here for a snack list. Water Filters are also brought on every trip. Taste the freshest, coldest water you've ever had!

Will we see wildlife?

We may see some wildlife, but encounters are not common. With that said, the Bitterroot is home to bears, elk, moose, wolves, mountain lions and pika as well as a plethora of other animals.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, please bring your dog assuming it loves hiking and can handle the planned hiking mileage!

Are accommodations included?

Not on this tour! You can check out our list of recommended accommodations here.

Is transportation included?

Transportation may be added onto the trip plan for an additional fee. Bitterroot Backpacking operates a trail-modified 4Runner perfect for accessing trailheads in this rugged National Forest!

Check out our Ultralight Gear:

Some companies don't provide rental gear in trip pricing, but we do!

Our gear is ULTRALIGHT! You'd have to spend thousands of dollars to get this gear!

We carry
the best backpacking meals:

Plan out and the gobble down meals by brands like Gastrognomeals and Wild Zora.

Virtual Trip Planning 

Trip walkthrough and planning meeting one month prior to trip!


$180 / Day
$450 All 3 Days

Paid in full at time of booking. Scroll down for cancellation and refund policy.

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